Process automation ensures 80% dark processing

Using the in-house iCore plattform for AGILA. In order to accelerate the process flow of the invoices to be processed, insinno implemented a Robotic Process Automation system that autonomously receives them.

AGILA Pet Insurance: Reliable Protection against Veterinary Costs and Liability Damages
AGILA Pet Insurance: Reliable Protection against Veterinary Costs and Liability Damages

AGILA Pet Insurance: Reliable Protection against Veterinary Costs and Liability Damages

AGILA pet insurance offers protection against high, incalculable veterinary cost and third-party claims arising from liability damage: AGILA, as a company of the WERTGARANTIE Group, has specialised in dog and cat insurance since 1994 and has already been able to help more than 380.000 existing customers as an insurer in over 25 years.

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The challenge

Due to a high level of customer satisfaction, the number of applications and new customers increased enormously in recent years – with the consequence that shortly afterwards the number of incoming veterinary invoices also increased. Since AGILA attaches great importance to processing incoming invoices within one working day and qualified clerk positions are not easy to fill at short notice, they decided to build an automation solution together with insinno. The low-code platform iCore from insinno provides the basis for this.

The solution

In order to speed up the process flow of invoices to be processed, the inventory management system was examined for possible improvements as part of a preliminary project. It was quickly realised that efficiency gains could not be achieved by optimising the interface, but in the form of digital process support. Based on the in-house iCore platform, insinno realised a robotic process automation system that accepts invoices independently. With the help of text recognition, the invoices are matched with the contract and customer data and thus the claim is created digitally and posted in the inventory management system.

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Processed incoming claims since the project started


Incoming claims processed per day


Of the processes succeeded without human interaction – dark processed

What our customer says

Sven Knoop

After only three months, the new system was able to process 25 per cent of the incoming cases in the dark, i.e. without even one employee having to make a move. Invoice recognition, digitisation of the data, evaluation and posting are now taken over by the robot. This helps us especially during peak times, such as Christmas or a wave of illness, and noticeably relieves our customer service. Last but not least, the optimised process leads to a reduction in costs.

Sven Knoop
Head of Customer Service , AGILA

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