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Digital voice chat boost applicants by 40%

The Talk’n’Job App by insinno for ApplyZ’s application process. It uses customizable chat models and a digital avatar that requests applicant information. Contact details and documents can be uploaded, and recruiters receive an email with the details.

Digital voice chat boost applicants by 40%
Digital voice chat boost applicants by 40%

Digital voice chat boost applicants by 40%

ApplyZ GmbH puts an end to old school job applications. With the introduction of “Talk’n’Job”, the current 16 employees are working to simplify communication between companies and applicants. At the heart of this is a voice-controlled candidate interview on mobile devices, which is especially right for the current target group of blue collar employees, but also for interns, students and trainees. By integrating speech and the analysis of spoken content, ApplyZ thus takes the digitisation of the application process to a new level.

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The challenge

Talk’n’Job is a digital application platform designed to make the application process for blue collar jobs faster and easier. Applicants should be able to interact with a catalogue of questions via voice means and thus respond to the relevant questions in the job advertisement.

The solution

The Talk’n’Job project was adopted by insinno to enable ApplyZ’s digital application process. Interested employers can purchase flexible chat models for different industries and jobs, or enter job ads directly from the ATS system. The service includes a digital avatar that requests the desired information about the applicant in voice and written form, after which the applicant can speak the details into the app. Contact details and documents such as CV and picture can be uploaded following the questions in the contact form. After submitting the application, the recruiter receives an email with the details and can view them in more detail in the system. As the questionnaires can be offered in different languages, the answers are automatically translated into the recruiter’s target language after they have been entered.

What our customer says

Philipp Mommsen

Insinno’s solution-oriented approach as a strategic partner and use of innovative technologies gives us the opportunity to achieve the best results for our clients.

Philipp Mommsen
CEO of ApplyZ

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