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Glasurit Scan2order is an ordering app developed with insinno. With the app, products can be easily ordered on-site via smartphone or tablet. Customers have full control over the ordering process and benefit from a faster and more cost-effective process.

Glasurit by BASF: 100 years of experience in premium coatings products
Glasurit by BASF: 100 years of experience in premium coatings products

Glasurit by BASF: 100 years of experience in premium coatings products

The Glasurit name represents the highest quality standards, top-notch coatings products, and innovative research results. As a global leader in automotive refinishing, Glasurit provides its customers with suitable solutions to make painting easier, safer, and more cost-effective. Our everyday lives are increasingly shaped by digital assistants, and the same goes for workshop operations. That’s why BASF Coatings, as a major paint manufacturer, is constantly working on developing new solutions to streamline workflow and simplify the daily tasks of customers in workshops.

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The challenge

The previous analog direct sales process of Glasurit required personal communication for orders, which were manually taken by BASF's internal service. To simplify the ordering process and enable on-site ordering for customers, BASF Coatings sought user-friendly solutions for an interactive product catalog.

The solution

Developed in collaboration with insinno, the customized ordering app "Glasurit Scan2order" allows for a straightforward and fast ordering process of products and consumables directly on-site through smartphones or tablets. With features such as portfolio search and barcode scanning, customers can save their favorites and place orders to different delivery and billing addresses for various locations, ensuring full control over the order flow.

The user-friendly order app has significantly expedited the ordering process and optimized costs by enabling customers to place orders directly into the BASF system. This allows the internal service to focus on consultation and technical inquiries. Orders from the paint centers are seamlessly transferred to the inventory management system at BASF Coatings or the European country hubs. The order app is available in 12 languages across EMEA, facilitating a streamlined and faster ordering process.


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What our customer says

Eva Allkämper

Our project team at BASF had not yet gained much experience with the development of ordering apps. This is where insinno’s advice proved very helpful and brought the Car Refinish Division of BASF Coatings forward as a whole. The experience and expertise that Sven Kummert and Stefan Prager brought to BASF as insinno’s project leads was worth its weight in gold.

Eva Allkämper
Digital Solutions BASF

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