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insinno developed the IDD Training Planner for HanseMerkur, which enables the planning and organization of IDD-compliant trainings. Administrators keep an overview and utilize a shared platform for different target groups. Export/import allows for content transfer, while interfaces ensure an efficient process from planning to documentation.

HanseMerkur: Hamburg's leading independent health insurance
HanseMerkur: Hamburg's leading independent health insurance

HanseMerkur: Hamburg's leading independent health insurance

HanseMerkur: The Only Independent and Non-Group Affiliated Insurance Group at the Hamburg Financial Center. The roots of this 147-year-old life insurer lie in health insurance, which remains the company’s main division to this day. HanseMerkur is also a specialist in private supplementary coverage for individuals with statutory health insurance and is one of the largest providers in this segment in Germany, with approximately 1.26 million additional insured individuals (2021).

key facts
Employees in field and sales force and intermediaries
Bn. Euros annual turnover

The challenge

The European IDD Insurance Distribution Directive posed a challenge for insurance companies to ensure, organize, and document the regular training of their professionals and sales teams. This process has been characterized by manual checklists and a multitude of documents, resulting in significant administrative effort.

The solution

The HanseMerkur IDD Training Planner, developed by insinno, provides administrators from different departments with a comprehensive overview of planned trainings and the relevant IDD training time. As a shared platform for various target groups, the Training Planner enables efficient organization.

Through integrated export and import functions, content can easily be transferred to other systems, such as the "gut beraten" initiative. Thanks to interfaces, seamless integration with numerous other systems is possible, ensuring a consistently efficient process from planning to documentation. The HanseMerkur IDD Training Planner by insinno offers a comprehensive solution for training within the scope of the European IDD Insurance Distribution Directive.

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